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Top Perks and Benefits to Rent With


Great Location

Well-located area, close to public facilities, dynamic, and city-friendly neighborhood.

Affordable Price

Bedroom with plenty options to suit your preferences and funds. A comfy home with the right budget is a must-have-place whilst in Sydney.

Included Facilities

Unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi access, laundry facilities, fully-equipped kitchen, and other essential well-being amenities without additional cost.

Included Bills

All standard utility bills are included.

5 Iconic Street Art Newtown

5 Iconic Street Art Newtown

It's not a Newtown visit if you don't spend to look at the street art. Newtown is the heart of the inner west Sydney suburb where indie culture and hipsters are assembling. Newtown is surrounded by buildings depicting...

5 Activity During Autumn in CBD

5 Activity During Autumn in CBD

The season in the Southern hemisphere as Australia is the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere.  It means that in Australia, winter begins in June and summer in December. Based on that phenomenon, Autumn in...

Best Budget Tips for College Student

Best Budget Tips for College Student

College students mostly have a financial problem cause they don't know how to create good budgeting yet. Whereas setting a budget in place, you can more effectively manage your money, save for large expenses, and...

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