The season in the Southern hemisphere as Australia is the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere.  It means that in Australia, winter begins in June and summer in December. Based on that phenomenon, Autumn in Australia occurs from March till May. Autumn is the mildest time of year in Sydney when the average temperature falls between 14.6-22 C. With that perfect weather, autumn is the best time to enjoy the city so, we already listed down five activity ideas you can do during autumn in CBD, Sydney.


1. Catch autumn colour at Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

5 Activity Idea You Can Do During Autumn in CBD Sydney

Autumn is when we can see falling leaves any day beautifully. If you usually get used to seeing Sydney with many green parks around it in autumn, you can catch autumn foliage blast of gold and reds. To make this moment even more magical, head to the right place like Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. The Royal Botanic Garden was established in 1816,  making this the oldest botanic garden in Australia. There you will be served by leafy pathways filled with plentiful reds, oranges, and yellows come autumn. This is a perfect place to come and play with family.


2. Join Royal Easter Show

When Autumn comes, It’s time for the Royal Easter Show. The Royal Easter Show was first held in 1823,  and is slowly becoming one of the best annual events in Australia. The Show is a celebration of Australian culture, from rural traditions to modern lifestyle, providing unique experiences for people and groups regardless of age. You can enjoy a variety of activities from dance parties to beautiful fireworks at night. There are also Arts and Crafts, various parades, and all kinds of other fun attractions that will leave you overwhelmed but happy. Join the fun of the Royal Easter Show on 1-12 April 2021. Don’t forget to visit to see ticket availability and event details.


3. Visit the powerhouse museum

Fresh air in autumn is perfect for doing many activities like visiting The Powerhouse Museum located in the Ultimo Power Station in Darling Harbour, 5 minutes away from CBD. In the Powerhouse Museum, you can discover many fascinating exhibitions on various topics such as Art & Design, Technology & Innovation, Transportation, social history, Architecture, and Science & exploration. For this Autumn, they have a special exhibition named Design for Life that explores the central role of design in the health and medical sectors, showcasing design innovation in the creation of equipment, devices, tools, and apparatus that save and improve the quality of human life.


4. Explore hidden gems in Sydney

5 Activity Idea You Can Do During Autumn in CBD Sydney

If you want to have something different this autumn, you should try to explore the hidden gems in Sydney with Adventure Clues. Adventure Clues is the new way to have a fun time exploring cities with the amazing race. You will be playing in a group then asked to complete the mission by solving the clues. In your way, you will find the best part of the city.  Such a very exciting thing!


5. Laugh at Sydney Comedy Festival

Pandemic covid-19 had to change our social life and give us stress so this is the time to release and laugh.  The Sydney Comedy Festival is Sydney’s biggest annual comedy event that will be held from 19th April – 16th May 2021 at Sydney Opera House. The Festival program features performances from the finest Australian acts, international stars, and the most promising emerging talent present everything from stand-up to sketch, satire, impro, musical, absurdist, theatre, magic, and kids’ comedy. Don’t miss out!

Even though it seems hectic, CBD still has a lot of fun to do in it, especially during Autumn. No wonder the population in CBD always increases every year. Want to be part of the CBD population? check our website to find your dream home.