It is undeniable that the covid-19 has changed many things in human life. Including the most influential is a lifestyle that is getting healthier, cleaner, and more careful. The World Health Organization (WHO) always urges people to keep their distance, use masks, and wash their hands as often as possible after doing activities.

WHO also advises people to stay at home and only go out for essential purposes. Some countries such as Australia have even imposed lockdowns in their territories. During the lockdown, residents can only stay at home because supermarkets, specialty stores, department stores, and other public spaces are closed for the public. This condition affects the atmosphere in their homes.

So, what about those who live in the sharing house? Is it safe to live together in the same building with your housemates? Here are some tips for living comfortable in a sharing house during a pandemic.


1. Communicate with your housemates.

Tips for Living in Sharing House

To create a safe and comfortable vibe between housemates during this Covid-19 pandemic, first, make sure you have the same thoughts about this condition. Spend your time communicating with each other about how you will get through this pandemic at home. You can start by agreeing to increase the hygiene and safety of the residents of the house.


2. Discuss about cleaning rules and schedule.

Tips for Living in Sharing House

As we know, the hygienist is essential in this pandemic era. Discuss with your housemates about improving house and individual cleanliness. Provide hand sanitizer at the door of the house as well as regularly spraying disinfectants throughout the house. Also, remind your housemates to take a shower as soon as after leaving the house and wear a mask when going out. Also, maintain a space for keys, cell phones, or groceries that need to be cleaned or sprayed with disinfectants before entering the house.


3. Make your own space.

Tips for Living in Sharing House

The pandemic has resulted in several companies applying the concept of working from home to keep their employees safe. Some of your housemates and you may be affected by this policy. To keep it safe, it’s a good idea to keep your distance while at home. You may be able to redesign your room to be used as a workplace. However, if this is not possible, create a space around the house that remains distant from other residents.


4. Respect quiet hours

Tips for Living in Sharing House

During a pandemic, you and your housemates are surely spending more time at home than before. This condition can lead to extreme stress or fatigue. Meanwhile, each of them must have their activities or schedule, respect their time, especially during their rest time (ideally 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.). Be cautious of your music habits, virtual socializing habits, workout habits, and other habits.


5. Make visiting or outing rules.

Now is the perfect time to tighten house rules alone. Communicate with your housemates about limiting social interactions outside of the house or accepting outside visits. Though you can’t force your housemates to stay inside, discuss the consequence if he or she chooses to not take social distancing guidelines seriously. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of your housemate visiting their significant other (or vice versa), make it known. Suggest them to quarantine with them, in a different house, instead.


6. Develop a grocery schedule.

As for the food, schedule a shopping trip at least once a week. Buy necessities for the next week or month, so you do not have to go out often. You could also consider shopping online or ordering meals for the whole house and sharing bills.


7. Build contingency plan

Even though you and your housemates have tried their best to anticipate contracting Covid-19, bad luck may occur, or maybe you are sick due to fatigue and other possibilities. Before that happens, make a contingency plan for this matter. Arrange the worst-case scenario, will the sick be quarantined in a room alone? Should the other residents move temporarily? Who will provide food and medicine? and so on.

Make sure to include finances in your conversation as well. What are your plans and your housemates if one of you loses your job? How are the arrangements for house rental payments? , and so on. This may be scary, but it’s necessary to do.

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