It’s not a Newtown visit if you don’t spend to look at the street art. Newtown is the heart of the inner west Sydney suburb where indie culture and hipsters are assembling. Newtown is surrounded by buildings depicting murals by talented local artists who adorn this suburb beautifully. Here, we listed down five infamous murals while you are in Newtown


1.  I Have a Dream

‘I have a Dream’ is the most iconic mural you may ever hear from Newtown. So famous that it turned out to be the landmark of Newtown and was listed as heritage by Marrickville Council. This mural was painted in 1991 by Juilee Pryor and Andrew Aiken and is located on King Street, the main street in Newtown. ‘I Have a Dream’ reflects topics in the 20th century, such as gender equality, environmental activism, and civil rights. This wall has also appeared in Coldplay’s music video and fits the reference to Martin Luther King Junior’s iconic speech, I Have A Dream.


2.  8 Lennox Street

Move to Lennox Street, you will find a wall by Steven Nuttall, a.k.a Ox-King that is located in the car park behind the Newtown IGA (supermarket). This mural was painted in 2016 as part of the Perfect Match programs credit to the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations main character. This mural describes a young girl with two cats.

 3.  Lennox Street

Furthermore, still in the same area, we can find the work of Alex Lehours. This mural is located on the opposite side of the previous one and becomes part of Perfect Match Programs in 2016. This place has a substantial history behind this to join the club of streets influenced by this art. You can come at 2 p.m on Sunday to get to the empty car park and get the best photo.


4.  38 Lennox Street

Not much information we can find about the mural located on the corner of Lennox and Mary streets. This mural was made by a local Australian artist named Kyle Hughes around 2017 as part of the Perfect Match program. This mural depicts Hughes’s drawing style and character, combining asymmetrical patterns with his characters using relatively bright colors.

5.   43 Bedford Street

The Asylum Seekers Center in Newtown is perhaps the only Assylum center with the most attractive design. This mural is the work of an artist named Jumboist in 2016. The mural has called birds of flight was located on Bedford street.

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