There are times when working or studying at home makes you bored and discouraged. One way to raise your spirits is to find a new, fun atmosphere. Libraries can be your choice! As not a creepy ancient library, these five libraries have a comfortable and modern ambience that you will love. If you are wondering what the best libraries are, look no further! We already have listed the five cozy libraries across Sydney for you. Check it out.


1. The State Library of NSW


The State Library of NSW is one of the great libraries in the world and also the oldest library in Australia. The building is a historical building that was built in the colonial era in 1826. The state library of NSW has many historical collections, some of which are exclusive collections that can be used as references or research materials for the public. Besides the book, you can also enjoy the historical paintings collection displayed in the old gallery halls. If you are looking for a place with a calm feel, this is the best place. The state library of NSW is located at Macquarie St, Sydney NSW.


2. Surry Hills Library


The Surry Hills Library was built 12 years ago with modern, timeless, and sustainable architectural design. Surrounded by landscaped garden and floor to ceiling windows, the Surry Hills Library is a comfortable place to study or work. You can also find free WiFi, scanning and photocopying facilities, a 3-D printer, reading spaces, the long communal desk at the front window offers a heap of power sockets, and of course, an enormous collection of books spread across 4 floors. You can grab one of their funky curved swivel desk/seat things – or find a cozy spot downstairs among the books. Go grab your book or laptop to Surry Hills library that is located in 405 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW.


3. Green Square Library


There is no doubt to make Zetland’s Green Square Library an alternative place to study or work. From the outside, you will see the pyramid building with a glass block exterior so you can see the view of the sky from inside. If you go inside, you can find an amphitheatre, a grand piano, a six-story glass tower to throw metaphorical stones from. You can also take advantage of the garden in the middle yard to sit and read a book under the sun. The Green Square library also provides student desks and public computers for visitors.


4. Marrickville Library


Another fascinating architectural library to work and study with joy. The place is the Marrickville library that is located in the Marrickville area. The Marrickville Library building combines heritage elements with contemporary designs, even the latest, it’s also combined with sustainable design. Grab a seat at one of the communal desks, take a wander through the stunningly landscaped garden, or grab a coffee at the Double Roasters café. There’s even a brand-new pavilion available to hire for events and functions. Find a collection of historical books to the latest magazines in this library.


5. Wollahra Library


Are you looking for a place that has a nice feel with lots of plants around to study or work? If so, come to the Woollahra library. You will be amazed by the design of the room which is mostly surrounded by indoor plants and all of them are real! You can study or work as well as refresh your eyes and mind. Besides, they also provide lots of privacy areas and separate table sets. It is suitable for use during a pandemic like now. The children’s zone is ripe for fostering growing imaginations, with arts and crafts, cushioned wall crevices, and even a slippery slide. Once more, don’t be surprised, they also have a fireplace on one of the floors! Amazing. You may not even want to leave this place. Woollahra library is located at 1/451 New S Head Rd, Double Bay NSW.

That’s all of our recommendations for 5 best cozy libraries that we sure you will love going there for studying or working. But, if you are looking for a new room with a cozy ambiance instead, don’t be doubt, click our website right now only at