When choosing to stay in the sharing house, it means you have committed to leaving your comfort zone. You will be sharing the house with foreigners who may come from different countries and cultures. So as the atmosphere at home remains harmonious and comfortable to live in, pay attention to these 5 basic ethics and be a good housemate.


1. Respect the house rules.

: 5 Etiquette Living in Sharing House


Since you decide to live in a house, you are willing to follow the rules that apply to it. House rules aim to keep conditions in the home to provide comfort between residents.

For example, some homes may not allow residents to bring pets because they are afraid it will disturb and pollute the house. Also, pay attention to the rules regarding visiting and curfew so that your housemate is still feeling comfortable and safe.


2. Don’t take it without asking.

5 Etiquette Living in Sharing House


Living together in one house does not mean that all goods or food belong together. Never try to take food stored in the refrigerator or storage cupboard if it is not yours. If you have to, make a note to replace it as soon as possible. Likewise, with other equipment, if you need something, make it a habit to borrow it with permission from the owner and make sure you return it in the same condition you borrowed it.


3. Clean up your own mess.

5 Etiquette Living in Sharing House


 A clean house can make residents more enthusiastic and feel comfortable living. Therefore, to keep your home clean, make a weekly schedule for cleaning the whole area together. You and your housemates can divide the task of cleaning the TV room, kitchen, shared bathroom, and other rooms. Don’t forget to take out your trash and wash every piece of utilities you had used. Don’t wait for it to build up!


4. Be sociable and mindful.

5 Etiquette Living in Sharing House


It would be weird if you lived in a sharing house and you didn’t know the people who lived in your neighborhood. For that, socializing with your housemates is a must. Try joining the conversation or eating together in the tv room to get to know each other. Good communication between fellow residents will make it easier for you if one day something goes wrong at home. Be a caring housemate by regularly asking about their day and helping each other out.


5. Respect other privacy


Although being friendly is a good thing, remember that everyone needs their personal space. Respect this right and provide space and quiet time at home for every resident. Don’t be too loud at rest times, and make it a habit to knock on the door before you enter your neighbor’s room.

Those were the 5 basic ethics you need to know when living in a sharing house. Finding a home with a comfortable and safe environment and friendly neighbors is tricky, but it won’t be a problem if you choose Four Corners and Living Rooms. Visit our website right away and pick your own dream house here.