Weekends are a great time to explore new places like Glebe, the oldest area in Sydney. Only 3 kilometres from the CBD, Glebe has a rural charm that sustains and the historical values ​​that form their background. Enjoy exploring this inner-western suburb of Sydney in a row of colonial architecture buildings with a modern touch that grabs your attention by doing the following 5 fun activities:


1. Take a stroll along the Glebe Foreshore Walk


To start your day in Glebe, let’s take a walk down the Glebe Foreshore Walk that is one of the main attractions in Glebe. The Glebe Foreshore walk itself is an open area of ​​27 hectares with spectacular views. From this street, you can enjoy the views of Sydney CBD across the glistening waters of the Bay. The walk is usable for pedestrians and cyclists with off-leash access for dogs.


2. Picnic in Blackwattle Bay Park

The 5 Fun Activities You Can Do in Glebe

Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org


After walking around the Glebe Foreshore Walk, you may want to take a rest.  Have a sit and take your lunch box to the picnic area of ​​Blackwattle Bay Park that has unimpeded public access from the Glebe Foreshore Walk. While having a picnic, you can witness a stunning view of the Anzac bridge with the city skyline. If you make your way to the bottom of Glebe point road and walk across the park down to the waterfront, you can see the more incredible views of three bridges: Anzac, Glebe Island, and Sydney Harbor.

As you continue your journey, you can stop by to buy fresh seafood at Sydney’s famous fish market across the street or try the menus offered by several restaurants and bars along Glebe Point Road.


3. Bookstore date In Gleebooks


This idea may sound old-fashioned, but believe us, it never fails to make your day happy. Gleebooks is an independent Australian bookstore that has been operating for more than 30 years. Gleebooks have and sell many collections of books from various genres at very friendly prices. With a classic atmosphere, you are guaranteed to feel at home for a long time and feel like you are at home with a generous warehouse of books. Enjoy a cup of coffee around Gleebooks to perfect your day.


4. Have lunch in Harold Park Hotel


After being satisfied walking around and exploring, it’s time to pamper your stomach by eating delicious food. There are many restaurant choices that you can try in Glebe, and the popular one is The Harold Park Hotel. The location is opposite the landmark Harold Park Raceway. The Bistro at the Harold Park Hotel has everything from snacks, bar food, kids, and desserts on their seasonal a la carte menu. They also have daily specials, and on Sundays, they do a traditional roast! Guaranteed you will not forget your nice lunch at Glebe. 


5. Shopping at Orient House


Shopping for the household furniture is one of the things you can do while in Glebe. That is because Glebe has a well-known furniture center that offers unique items from Asia and Africa. Orient House is a retail icon in Glebe that has a two-level showroom displaying an eclectic mix of homewares, gifts, and furniture, some of which are locally handcrafted pieces made in the in-house workshop. What’s interesting about the items at the Orient House is that each item at the Orient House is a unique collection that is only available in one production or sale, therefore if you shop for furniture or home decor elements here, besides being unique, they are also limited-edition items.


Creative yet still sustaining a warm and communal atmosphere, Glebe is a unique area among most suburbs of Sydney. If you are impressed by the charm of Glebe and intend to move here, Four corners and living rooms will help you find a new home that is comfortable and warm like Glebe. Contact us now and find the right home for you.