5 Places to Hang Out in Camperdown – What comes to your mind when you hear “Camperdown”? This inner-western suburb of Sydney is home to famous attractions such as the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the University of Sydney, and the historic Camperdown Cemetery. Camperdown might be small, but it has a complete package to enjoy. Here are five places in Camperdown that you can make a hangout place for while visiting Camperdown.


1. Camperdown Park


For those of you who like doing outdoor activities, Camperdown Park is the perfect place to visit. Here, you can find and do many facilities and activities such as a gym, sports oval, child’s playground, a basketball court, and a tennis court. Are you looking for a place to enjoy your morning coffee or breakfast? Camperdown Park is the solution.


2. University of Sydney Quadrangle Clocktower

5 Places to Hang Out in Camperdown

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Relax by visiting the University of Sydney Quadrangle Clocktower. With lush green lawns and gothic-styled sandstone buildings, it’s a place to stop and admire the beauty of the historical buildings. You can enjoy the time by sitting on the lawns or taking photos or getting around in the museum.


3. Camperdown Commons

5 Places to Hang Out in Camperdown

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Have an alluring and fun experience about urban farms and food production only at Camperdown Commons. This place was a community revitalization project in collaboration between Inner West Council, Pocket City Farms, and Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club. Apart from getting your hands dirty, you can immediately enjoy the results through the delicious menus at Acre Eatery. Not only that, if you are staying longer in Camperdown, make sure you participate in the workshops or yoga classes held there.


4. Victoria Park


Like an oasis in the middle of the city, Victoria Park has a scenic beauty that you can enjoy just by sitting under large shady trees while watching USYD students or people who have finished walking at the Broadway Shopping Centre pass by. This 9-hectare park is equipped with a swimming pool, lake, and flying fox.


5. Artsite Galleries


The last but not least place you can visit hangout in Camperdown is the Artsite Gallery. Artsite is an Independent Australian Gallery of Contemporary Art dedicated to promoting exemplary practices of local and Australian artists. It includes two large exhibition areas and a stockroom gallery. Up-and-coming artists represented and associated by Arsite are regularly selected in exhibitions with significant art prizes. such as Daniel Skeffington, David Asher Brook, Graham Marchant, Hamish Campbell, and John Edwards. You can also buy exhibited works for your collection at home.


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