It’s easy to say Newtown as the heart of Sydney’s Inner West. With a bohemian environment and a spirit of freedom perceived throughout the city, Newtown gave birth to thriving music, theatre, design, and a food scene. That’s why Newtown has always been bustling with activity day and night. Although things are a little cleared out of the middle, people adore it. Many travellers are interested in visiting this super trendy neighbourhood, so we have written a list of itineraries that will help you explore this area. 


1. What’s Newtown known for 

Tips: How to Set Your Itinerary to Newtown


We can’t let go of the word bohemian when we talk about Newtown. The suburb of Sydney’s inner west, located 4 kilometres south-west of the Sydney CBD, is arguably the home of hipsters and hippies. No wonder we will find indie bookshops as well as thrift and vintage stores along King Street which is the main street in Newtown. Not only shops, but you will also find a line of hip bars and eateries that are both foodie’s destination. Newtown has also known for its art and theatre. You can find street art and theatre buildings featuring live music or comedy as a common sight in Newtown.


2. How to get there

Tips: How to Set Your Itinerary to Newtown


With so many public transport options to get you to Newtown, there’s no need to drive here. From Central Station, you can take the T2 Leppington Line train. It will take 2-3 stops to Newtown Station. You can also catch the bus down King Street serviced by the 422, 423, 426, 428, 370, 355, and 352 routes. By using public transportation such as train or bus, it will cost you $ 2.40- $3.50 on the Opal card or $4.20 for a one-way ticket. Another option is to take a taxi that costs $ 10- $15 one way. The trip from the central station will take approximately 10 minutes by train and 30 minutes by bus.


3. What’s to eat

Tips: How to Set Your Itinerary to Newtown


If you only have a little time to visit Newtown, you can spend it by trying the various foods available around that. For lunch, you can try American-driven menus such as standout Maccas-style burgers and fried chicken from Mary’s in a side street or fried oysters, poutine, and smoked lamb ribs at Hartsyard on 33 Enmore Road. In the mood for Asian food? Try the Japanese Tapas Shinmachi for a tasty Japanese dish or Great Aunty Three for some casual Vietnamese food like rice paper rolls, steamed buns, and pho noodle soup.

For vegetarians, a slice of pizza from Gigi Pizzeria at 379 King Street or an assortment of plant-based menus at Lonely Mouth, 275 Australia Street. Don’t scoop gelato from Cow and the Moon on Enmore Road or strawberry watermelon cake at Black Star Pastry for the desert. 


4. What’s to do

Tips: How to Set Your Itinerary to Newtown


As the main road of Newtown, King Street is the busiest road. Apart from being a destination for food lovers, King Street is also a cool shopping strip with a great range of specialty and fashion boutiques and vintage stores such as Pentimento, Cream on King, Newtown Market, and the U-Turn. While shopping, you can gaze at buildings with historical architectural styles from 1800 to the early 1900 along King Street and Enmore road. Also, enjoy relaxing on the green grass while having a picnic or watching cute dogs roam the Camperdown Memorial Park, or see the old tombstone remains in Camperdown Cemetery. Don’t forget Newtown’s signature as an artsy suburb, take your time to visit The Sandringham (aka The Sando), Enmore Theatre, and Leadbelly (formally The Vanguard) that have become live music and performing arts since at least 1980. Meanwhile, if you are interested in murals, you can even do a Newtown street art tour to get a much richer experience by knowing the stories behind the work.


5. What’s nearby


Even though traveling around Newtown is quite time-consuming, there’s nothing wrong with planning to visit another no less exciting suburb near Newtown. Some of the suburbs close to Newtown include Camperdown, Glebe, Erskineville, Darlington, Stanmore, and Enmore that are directly adjacent to Newtown. Meanwhile, Marrickville, Redfern, Petersham, and Chippendale are only a second step away.


With a unique and artistic atmosphere, Newtown is a place that is hard to forget. It’s no wonder that you have the desire to stay longer after your visit and experience the freedom that Newtown has to offer. Choose the right residence for you in Newtown with Four Corners and Living Rooms. Click now!